Calling all Starseeds
& LightWarriors!

The Starlight Academy is a beacon for those who desire to shift out of the confusion and turbulence of our current times to navigate your way into empowerment, with confidence, discernment and clarity. 

Whether you’re just awakening to your spiritual path, or already on the path but seeking to advance further,  the Starlight Academy was designed and built to support Starseeds and Light Warriors eager to rise above the constraints of the False Matrix, the Dark Agenda and align with their Divine Purpose and Life Mission.

What is the Inner Circle?
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February Events

Drop-in Classes (30 day replays)
All classes and more are included of the Inner Circle

Join the Inner Circle before the 15th February 2024,
before we close our doors to better support the core members
of our community and ensure the best experience for everyone. 

One time $55
Drop - In Class (30 days replay)
One time $55
SGD$55/ Drop in Class ( 30 days replay)

The Inner Circle

Envisioned by @AscensionWithTarra, the Starlight Acadmey’s Inner Circle is program that empowers & supports you through the on-going shifts. 

Inside you will find:

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Empowering You To

By first deepening your understanding and mastery of the Self, and coming into greater awareness of how energy works, you will naturally tap into the pristine clarity of your inherent abilities.

The methodology to tap into your own healing abilities, empowering you to address and heal traumas affecting all aspects of your being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Learn to attune yourself to higher dimensional frequencies, aligning with and activating your advanced DNA strands to allow in new levels of spiritual awareness.


Embrace and heal your lower personality traits. Through guided meditations, exercises and practices, you will re-establish a new way of being to activate the heart and ripple into all areas of your life

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Read Details About the Inner Circle

Our goal is to guide 1,000 starseeds to have more confidence to move forward on their unique Ascension Path


What Other Inner Circle Members Are Saying...




The Starlight Academy is a holistic platform for spiritual learning birthed by Tarra from years of teaching and guiding those who have found her and her connection to the stars. It is made up of the core curriculum (a thoughtfully designed foundation for cosmic study rarely found elsewhere), resource library (seemingly endless themed teachings and meditations), live classes (going deep into subjects like parental wounds, and earth and galactic ancestors), and regular gatherings for questions and discussions.

Tarra is candid about her own spiritual journey, generous with her offerings, and earnestly strives to improve the way she shares her teachings – which are thorough, pragmatic and expansive all at once. As an Akashic Records Practitioner who has studied with Tarra for three years, what the academy offers has helped me develop my spiritual learning in rich directions. Interstellar study going deep into the stars necessarily informs and occurs alongside learning to cultivate a meaningful earthly life through an ongoing process of healing, and stepping into abundance that wants to find us all. I am humbled and grateful to be developing my gifts in this work and serving each querent who finds me. In this long and infinite journey, Tarra and the Starlight Academy are truly portals that can help each of us connect meaningfully with our spiritual birthright and the eternal mysteries of the cosmos as both earth and star beings.