Training & Support

to embody your mission

The StarLight Academy is a comprehensive, self-paced, online mystery school. It’s designed to initiate newly awakened Starseeds, Lightwarriors, Indigos, and those who wish to learn how to be of divine service to themselves and others, to live their best life, forward on their path of Ascension and to fulfill their Mission. 


20 MAY 2023 | 8PM SGT

The Pleiades Gateway opens twice a year, during the alignment of Earth, Sun, and the Pleiades star system. This rare opportunity within our dimension and timeline allows for an intimate co-creation process with our Pleiadian Starseed teams.

Powerful stargate openings allow us to receive light photons, as they project the light into our ley lines on a planetary level and received by us on a personal one.

Powerful stargate openings allow us to receive light photons, as they project the light into our ley lines on a planetary level and received by us on a personal one.

This light transmission will be abundant and, when appropriately harnessed, can allow us to reach the next level of our evolution.

On the 20th May, 8pm SGT, we are holding a Pleiades Stargate Ceremony, within Inner Circle.

We will be held in a sacred container to activate our original Starseed and angelic templates that lie dormant within us suppressed by fear-based trauma, negative programming, and various forms of evil control.

This session will also be recorded for those who can’t make it.


The Great Awakening

Since 2020, more individuals have awakened and rediscovered energy, meditation, sound technology, crystals, metaphysical courses, and have become aware of the spiritual and energetic aspects of their earthly existence. Their curiosity leads them down the garden path of tarot, channeled readings, meditation, essentially everything that the New Earth community has to offer.


However, while this experience may feel exciting, like stepping into a candy store, the information available is often not curated for their highest good. Dabbling in various modalities, tools, and even meeting false teachers can cause a deeper spiral into confusion and darkness rather than being led towards the Light and true spirituality.

Similarly, there are some who have been on the Ascension path for a while now but still see little progress on their journey. After having spent much time and money on a myriad of spiritual courses, going to see healers, and attempts with meditation, yet only achieving minute progress on the journey that was meant to take them inward and deeper in order to rise like the phoenix and soar upwards towards ascension, with joy and ease.


They may be battling with all that they have learned, read, and been taught to do. These efforts may have only spiralled them deeper into an abyss of anger, unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfying careers, and an indescribable disconnection from Intuition, the Divine, and Life itself. This can be so painful, and what is needed here is to become aware of the New Age false glass ceilings and (re)start from at the basics to lead themselves towards tangible self-mastery and onto the true path of Ascension as your soul had always intended.


These are the groups of people StarLight Academy is dedicated to serve. The need for a comprehensive core curriculum is urgent to bring everyone up to speed. We become their bridge between ancient knowledge, mysteries and the Divine.

What is the Inner Circle

Inner Circle is a members-only platform, which consists of:


a comprehensive self-paced Core Curriculum- designed to train and support you to become an all rounded, well-informed, grounded Starseed & Light Warrior, armed with leading tools and techniques to heal the Self and embark on your mission-purpose on Earth


Gather anywhere in the world, for our bi-weekly healing containers & ceremonies. These are recorded too and will be catalogued in the library.


For those looking to make your progress more consistent and tangible we have bi-weekly calls


Like-spirited souls, in-training together, supporting each other on our long walk home


Take it anywhere and accessible from everywhere. All lessons, all recordings available 24/7.

Core Curriculum Overview

An ever-expanding library of training material to support you

 through every stage of your Ascension process.

  • Orientation & Training Introduction and essential attitudes to bring your spiritual practice as we embark on the core curriculum the StarLight Academy to restore your Divine Template
  • Healing the Personality Understanding core concepts behind the False Matrix, how we reshape the lower personality and embody the Higher Qualities of our Divine Nature
  • Inner Dimensions Work Exploring the Self as a multi-dimensional being of Light, understanding our place as part of the organic Matrix and why we are here, and living your mission.
  • Inner Alignment through Meditation Learning through experiencing the power of Meditation and this is the backbone of recalibration
  • The Positive Reset Explore and experience essential techniques to call back in your own power, Divinity and bring in your true Soul Essence to live life in the 3D as an embodied Soul expression.
  • Essential Chakra & Light Body System
  • Somatic Connections
  • 12D Healing Command Codes
  • Karma Trauma Distillation
  • Diet & Detox
  • Sexual Wounds, Igniting Creation Energy
  • Divine DNA Restoration and Activation
  • Polarity/ Duality Reversal : Law of One
  • Galactic Chakra System
  • DNA Seed Crystal
  • Restoration Planetary & Earth Healing
  • Application of Universal Laws
  • Galactic Quantum Healer Facilitation / Certification

Hi, I’m Tarra.

I am an Oracle, Healer, Mysteries Teacher, Divine Creation multidimensional template holder for all of creation here and beyond.

After being on my awakening journey for 20 years, I believe that every step I have taken from my personal experiences, client sessions, and teaching, has prepared me with the skills, knowledge, techniques, and confidence to birth the StarLight Academy.

My mission here is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to take personal healing and transformation into your own hands. This process involves rigorous bio-spiritual healing and restoration; to activate and anchor their Divine Energetic DNA, Soul Gifts, Star Knowledge, and embody their Mission to create Heaven on Earth.