StarLight Practitioner Directory

As of January of 2023, the Akashic Light Academy will now be known as The Starlight Academy. 

To learn how to access your Akashic Records, please sign up for the StarLight Academy’s Inner Circle Membership. How to access your Akashic Records will be taught as part of the Core Curriculum.

This is the current list of current Practitioners.

Tarra Tae

Healings are conducted in: English

Tarra is an oracle, teacher,  healer and also the founder of the StarLight Academy.

Over the course of 20 years of healing, teaching and mentoring others, Tarra developed a system to assist and support Lightwarriors and Starseeds to dive deep into a world of mystery and magic.

To reclaim their power, activate the DNA, remember their mission, heal and ascend through vibrational initiations, ceremony, understanding and application of the mysteries into daily practice, in a grounded and practical way.


Readings can be conducted in: English, Mandarin

Asha is her spiritual name, which means “hope” in Sanskrit. She strives to work deeply on herself daily, in order to be of service to her clients.

Asha is an avid Akashic Records Blogger & Podcaster. Her website documents her reflections & realisations in the Akashic Records. She also has a free series of podcasts on “Demystifying the Akashic Records”.

She assists her clients to step into their inner divinity, by channelling messages of wisdom, clarity & healing for them.


Readings can be conducted in: Arabic, English

Maryam is an Akashic reader, transformative writing, meditation and dance movement practitioner. She is also a researcher in positive psychology. She works with her clients to help them reach their highest potential and have a deeper understanding of their emotions and patterns.

Megan Hallett

Readings can be conducted in: English

Megan connected with the Akasha in 2018, during a time of deep personal healing. Her experiences have been a catalyst to accept the gift of intuition.

This process has also made her aware that the greatest gift is to share her connection with the Masters and Light Beings, with those who wish to begin empowering their lives and mastering their own healing.

Puja Gill Saxena

Readings can be conducted in: English & Hindi

Besides being the CEO of IDeall Group of Companies, Puja Gill Saxena is an accredited Akashic Reader and Practitioner under the Akashic Light Academy.

 She has successfully used the Akashic Records to assist her clients, colleagues and loved ones, in amazing transformation of their personal lives, and in one single session!

She is passionate about healing, searching for suitable alternative and integrative healing modalities. She practices the Energy Healing Modality called Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga actively.

Salty Xi Jie Ng

Readings can be conducted in: English, Mandarin

Salty / Xi Jie is a patient cosmic friend, gently guiding querents towards their magical, alive selves while surrendering to all that is a mystery. As an empathic Cancerian artist with a history in relational projects, she brings deep care for the state of others’ hearts, using poetic imagery to channel the higher light beings’ grounding wisdom and healing energies.



Shubhra Venneti

Readings can be conducted in: English

Shubhra joined the courses by Akashic Light Academy by simply clicking an ad back when circuit breaker began during the pandemic. And the rest they say is history. 

Shubhra combines her love for working with the Akashic records, astrology and hypnotherapy. She offers her services both separately and in combination with each other.

Saras Krishna

Readings can be conducted in: English, Tamil

My interest in pranic healing combined with Akashic Light Readings helps individuals heal on the physical level and find themselves on the spiritual level.

Wendy Lim

Readings can be conducted in: English

Wendy has been a practitioner of the Akashic Light Academy since 2016. She offers both readings and healings and has a deep connection with the Masters of the Akashic Realm