Core Curriculum Overview

The Core Training Modules inside the Inner Circle, providing you 
clear training, in sequential order to embody every stage of your Ascension process.

Modules & Levels

  • Orientation & Training Introduction and essential attitudes to bring your spiritual practice as we embark on the core curriculum the StarLight Academy to restore your Divine Template
  • Healing the Personality Understanding core concepts behind the False Matrix, how we reshape the lower personality and embody the Higher Qualities of our Divine Nature
  • Inner Dimensions Work Exploring the Self as a multi-dimensional being of Light, understanding our place as part of the organic Matrix and why we are here, and living your mission.
  • Inner Alignment through Meditation Learning through experiencing the power of Meditation and this is the backbone of recalibration
  • The Positivity Reset Explore and experience essential techniques to create a state of neutral awareness; the platform to dive into your healing process.
  • Somatic Awareness Explore and develop strategies and techniques unique to you, to bring your awareness into the physical body, to be able to handle working with trauma, from this life and past lives. 
  • Core Beliefs – Understanding & examining core belief systems and how they can aid you to manifest the life your unique blue print.
  • Family of Selves – Honouring the Family of Selves for their role in protecting you, and emanating the Light and Love of your consciousness to bring unity, harmony and balance to your Internal Family of Selves. 
  • Essential Chakra & Light Body System
  • Somatic Connections
  • 12D Healing Command Codes
  • Karma Trauma Distillation
  • Diet & Detox
  • Sexual Wounds, Igniting Creation Energy
  • Divine DNA Restoration and Activation
  • Polarity/ Duality Reversal : Law of One
  • Galactic Chakra System
  • DNA Seed Crystal
  • Restoration Planetary & Earth Healing
  • Application of Universal Laws
  • Galactic Quantum Healer Facilitation / Certification