How to Embody Your Soul’s Mission & Live Your Best Life

The Starlight Academy is an online mystery school, designed for awakening starseeds and those already on the Ascension path.

The Great Awakening is feeling like the Great Disconnection. Starseeds are rising in the False Matrix, feeling overwhelmed by the current changes on the planet and within themselves. 

There is a feeling of urgency running under the skin, to make some sort of deep change within the Self.

Enter the Starlight Academy’s Inner Circle and the crisis head on. 

You will get access to a holistic training program armed with an expanding library of meditations and resources to empower yourself with purpose, clarity and discernment, and to transform and embody your mission.


The chaos is creating confusion and creating a greater disconnection and polarity for so many.  You can spend the next 20 years figuring this out on your own. Or get focused on lifting yourself out of your shell right now.

Lay down proper foundations & habits to propel your inner journey in a positive direction. It’s not what you do, but how you do it.

Uplift yourself out of the chaos, and activate your soul mission!


  • Hone your energetic & Psychic Abilities
  • Access innate healing abilities & heal trauma from all the bodies
  • Connect to Higher Dimensional frequencies & decode relevant information
  • Heal the lower personality, cultivate self mastery & soul maturity
  • Seeing the cosmic & current in-world changes from a higher perspective
  • Align and draw down your original source code, activate the higher octave DNA
  • Embody the wisdom teachings throughout the course work
  • Walk your activated starseed mission from a heart centered space
  • Heal trauma & get out of the dramas that keep looping in your life
  • Stabilize and balance your inner world with confidence, joy, courage, gratitude and embrace the outer chaos with clarity, higher intel & ease
  • Release from false matrix & amnesiac states of being
  • Level up your clarity to discern truth from lies & make life decisions with confidence
  • Plus! Access to an ever expanding Library of powerful on demand meditations & activations to bring clarity & peace even when you’re busy
  • Plus! Community platform to connect, seek clarity, support, share, inspire and encourage




per month

Billed monthly, pause or cancel anytime

Our goal is to guide 1,000 members to have more confidence to move forward on their unique Ascension Path

Heal Trauma Wounds With Ease

Heal trauma and lower personality, ground the shifts you make with experiential exercises & short assignments

Deep dive into the self, embark on your hero’s journey, healing the lower personality, trauma and wounding that form the basis of the lens we see the world on the outside.

Learn to identify and heal using a variety of healing technologies to heal the unconscious wounding, pain and trauma and step into your own personal power and self mastery.

Your daily life is your training ground. Lessons are taught over sequential modules, layering the learning experiences to develop your own daily practice that will bring more peace, balance and ground in a deep your connection to Higher Self and naturally ripple to those around you. 

Circumnavigate With Discernment

Connect to cosmic energy and have clarity on current world changes- how to circumnavigate with discernment and confidence.​

Training modules are focused on inner alignment and cultivating a practical approach to meet our ever-evolving outer reality with clarity and purpose.

Being able to discern truth from false “truths” in all that we see, hear and feel. To have clarity on the life decisions we are faced with moment-to-moment, following our inner guidance with trust.

Relevant Master Classes and Healing Chambers are available to deepen your understanding on topics that matter and the current needs of our students at the time.

The StarLight Academy is all rounded modern mystery school offering you updated tools to embody your soul and bring your greatest gifts to the world.

Instant Access To Our Expansive Library

Get instant access to an ever-expanding Library of powerful meditations & activations to bring clarity & peace even when you’re busy.​

There are days or periods in our lives when we don’t have the energy, space or time to engage in the inner work. These are especially the times we need the extra support and assistance to nourish and support us, to shift yourself back into a place of grounded positivity.

Listen to a meditation of choice or drop-in to one of our live calls with our community. There are events throughout the month, don’t isolate yourself!

From gentle meditations to clear the chakras, to ones that rejuvenate the body and releasing negativity. To powerful activations to clear Karma and ones to activate DNA.

The library is an ever-expanding resource to assist you incorporate the wisdom teachings throughout the coursework, or when you need additional support, to propel you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.

It’s time to be nourished from the inside out!”

What Other Inner Circle Members Are Saying...


The Starlight Academy is a holistic platform for spiritual learning birthed by Tarra from years of teaching and guiding those who have found her and her connection to the stars. It is made up of the core curriculum (a thoughtfully designed foundation for cosmic study rarely found elsewhere), resource library (seemingly endless themed teachings and meditations), live classes (going deep into subjects like parental wounds, and earth and galactic ancestors), and regular gatherings for questions and discussions.

Tarra is candid about her own spiritual journey, generous with her offerings, and earnestly strives to improve the way she shares her teachings – which are thorough, pragmatic and expansive all at once. As an Akashic Records Practitioner who has studied with Tarra for three years, what the academy offers has helped me develop my spiritual learning in rich directions. Interstellar study going deep into the stars necessarily informs and occurs alongside learning to cultivate a meaningful earthly life through an ongoing process of healing, and stepping into abundance that wants to find us all. I am humbled and grateful to be developing my gifts in this work and serving each querent who finds me. In this long and infinite journey, Tarra and the Starlight Academy are truly portals that can help each of us connect meaningfully with our spiritual birthright and the eternal mysteries of the cosmos as both earth and star beings.