Live Events for
December 2023

For Inner Circle Members + December Monthly Pass Holders

This special monthly pass is being offered to support the energetic transition into 2024.

The Inner Circle events I have lined up for this December are designed to prepare us, class by class; for each class is a precursor for the next, to support the shifts and to bridge the gaps and these contrasting energies to land fully into this coming year with ease and grace. 

About December Monthly Pass

Especially for those who are not part of the Inner Circle and who want to join in our classes exclusively for this month and tune into the replays, we created a monthly pass, to assist in the transition of what Tarra calls a “threshold month”.

What this means is you can get access to all the classes AND the replays for December 2023 will be available to you, till the 31st January 2024.

🎁 And as a gift, you will also be invited to join the Energy Update for 2024, and  Sirian Gateway Ceremony & Activation held on the 4th of January 2024 (worth S$48) – More on that later!

12.12.23 Ascension Support

Tuesday 12 December 2023, 8pm SGT

12.12 Ascension Support - Planetary & Personal Healing for Dead Energy

As we step into threshold between this year and the next, we will be conducting a deep session in preparation – to re-energise and move out the dead energy or miasma,  caught within the physical body, especially the liver & heart meridians, from lifetimes of trauma, abuse and persecution specifically towards Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Starseeds, on a personal and planetary level.

Winter Solstice Master Class Day 1

Thursday 21 December 2023, 8pm SGT

Winter Solstice Master Class Day 1

Understanding Trauma, Internal Stasis & the need for death and rebirth

This timely masterclass goes in depth into Polarity and how they can be used to shift and sustainably raise our vibration and a backdrop for understanding the Self. 

Winter Solstice Master Class Day 2

Friday 22 December 2023, 8pm SGT

Winter Solstice Master Class Day 2

Channeled Winter Solstice Ceremony with the Dragon Consciousness


This session will be channeled. 

2024 Updates with Q&A

Thursday 28 December 2023, 8pm SGT

2024 Updates with Q&A

Tarra will be sharing more about courses and updates on retreats for 2024. 

This session is open to the Inner Circle Family to receive mentoring from Tarra. Come prepared with any questions you may have.

Thursday 4 January 2024, 8pm SGT

2024 Energy Updates & Sirian Gateway Ceremony & Activation

More updates on this shortly!



There are 3 components to this monthly program: 

• A self-study core curriculum or course that guides you step by step to build confidence in self awareness and develop clear intuition and connection to Source;

Live Monthly Events that you can attend, all on Zoom, including replays of all the master classes, healing ceremonies, meditations, clearings & activations, Q&A calls that is in the Library.

• A community of Starseeds and Light Warriors dedicated to their own healing process, to learn, share and grow along the  path of positive trajectory. We gather as a group on many of the live calls, and have come to know and some of us travel together on retreats with Tarra. Support is provided via our community area and on the Live calls and via Instagram private chat.

Sign Up for Inner Circle Here

The monthly pass gives you access to the events (meditations, masterclasses, Q&A) and replays for the month only. It is a one-time fee till the end of the access period. 

You may choose to attend live,  listen to the replays or both!

Inner Circle is a monthly subscription, which includes all the events for the month, everything in the Library, the Core Curriculum, and Community.

Please note that, unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds or pro-rate fees for the monthly pass or Inner Circle once you have completed the sign-up process.

Your prompt access to Zoom links for the entire month ensures you won’t miss any valuable content. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on our Zoom calls! 

You may wish to view some of the past videos that is available on our YouTube channel in the meantime!